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Planning for non UK residence

Individuals who are not resident in the UK for tax purposes do not pay tax on income arising outside the UK and currently do not pay UK capital gains tax (CGT) on the disposal of assets anywhere in the world. For those who can organise their residence position there are clear potential advantages, subject, of […]

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Are you calculating your employees’ holiday pay correctly?

A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice could lead to changes in how employers are required to calculate holiday pay. Currently holiday pay in the UK is calculated on the basis of a week’s pay. A week’s pay is usually held to mean basic salary only, excluding payments such as working allowances, expenses, […]

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Last Chance to Reduce Your Tax Liability

The period leading up to the end of the tax year on 5 April is one of the best times to review your taxes and finances. Indeed taking action prior to the end of the tax year in some cases will give even greater saving opportunities, but you need to act fast. Our top tips […]

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The Pension Tsunami is heading our way.

Employers today are coming face to face with some of the most challenging legislation ever to be put in place in respect of pensions – Automatic Enrolment. Under this scheme all UK employers have to enrol their staff in a company pension scheme and make contributions towards it. If no action is taken, employers risk […]

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Selling your house

Generally speaking, an individual’s ‘sole or main residence’ is exempt from capital gains tax. If a house, etc., was the individual’s ‘sole or main residence’ for only part of his or her period of ownership, then a time apportionment calculation is made. However, under a rule dating back to the introduction of the tax nearly […]

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