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Our accountancy blog is updated monthly with our opinions on a variety of issues affecting our clients and the industry sectors we cover.

Tax-Free Gifts to Staff

In most cases any benefit that an employee receives will be taxable. The value of the gift needs to be declared on forms which are filed with HMRC annually. This blog is however about the few concessions that have been made by HMRC which aren’t treated as taxable. There aren’t many of them but when […]

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Using us as your Business Adviser

Some of our Scottish partners had a visit from the Chief Executive (Anton Colella) of the Scottish Institute recently. Amongst the topics for discussion was the need for the general public to understand more of what a Chartered Accountant does.

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The Search for Yield

Following the financial crisis of 2008-2009, many central banks – including the Bank of England – have used a number of methods in an attempt to stimulate economic growth and ensure financial stability.  These have led to historically low interest rates on cash assets, which has caused a mass ‘search for yield’ amongst investors. One […]

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Future Company Car Tax Rates

Being an accountant in Northumberland isn’t easy as it usually involves a fair amount of travel by road. With bus routes being limited cars are more of a necessity than a luxury to go about the working week. Company cars and the way they are taxed is often a topic of conversation that pops up. […]

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Plan for Growth

There has been increased press speculation over the last few days suggesting that the UK economy (Scotland’s in particular) is now in recovery mode. As a result growth can be expected for the rest of the year and more positive than this, the rate of growth is expected to increase in 2014 and again in […]

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