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Farmers Averaging – The New Rules

There have been significant adjustments to the averaging legislation. As of 6 April 2016, farmers have the choice as to whether they average their profits over five years, two years or not at all. A ‘volatility test’ must be taken to check whether averaging over five years is an option. There are two ways of […]

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GWA Boys feel the burn for local good causes

On Tuesday night The Greaves West & Ayre team turned out for the opening game of the Berwick Charities Cup 2016 tournament. The final score of 8-3 does not reflect on how well they played for the first 65 minutes and we are all proud of their spirited performance. Berwick Charities Cup, informally known as […]

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Reporting benefits is getting easier

There are a number of welcome changes being made to the taxation of benefits on employees and directors with effect from 6 April 2016. The changes have largely arisen from the work of the Office of Tax Simplification. One in particular will provide much more certainty in the taxation of benefits – a new statutory […]

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ATED Its not just brown envelopes which interest HMRC now

ATED – the background The acronym ATED stands for Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings.  This is an annual tax levied on residential dwellings worth more than a certain value that are owned, wholly or partly, by a non-natural person (company, partnership with a corporate partner or collective investment scheme).  It was introduced in April 2013 […]

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Voluntary Payrolling of Benefits in Kind

From April 2016 employers will be able to include taxable benefits as part of an employee’s pay and thus account for PAYE on the benefits. In order to payroll benefits, employers will have to register with HMRC for the service via the Government Gateway before the start of the new tax year. Unfortunately agents are […]

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