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Improving the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

In Budget 2014 the Government announced that it would consult on options to improve the operation of the CIS and on the introduction of mandatory online CIS filing for contractors. The consultation has now taken place and the legislative process will commence in April 2015. Turnover test for gross payment status Currently the turnover test […]

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Restricting relief on residential lettings

Capital allowances are generally not available for common items of plant and equipment such as white goods used in a residential lettings business. Instead for many years, owners of partly furnished residential lettings used the non statutory renewals basis which was a concessionary treatment allowed by HMRC. On the original acquisition of an asset, such […]

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Capital or Revenue Expenditure? That is the Question.

Should a client face an enquiry from HMRC into their tax return and accounts, a common area that is reviewed is any deduction that may have been claimed in the accounts for repairs and renewals. This arises because whilst a repair to an asset is an allowable item of expenditure for tax purposes, if the […]

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Happy Retirement!

Iain Turnbull (centre) a Tax Manager at Greaves West & Ayre has just retired after nearly forty seven years of service. Iain who lives in Eyemouth is married to Fiona and has a step daughter, Nicola, and two grandchildren, Abbie and Lewis. After completing his education at Eyemouth and Berwickshire High Schools, Iain joined Greaves […]

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No Relief for Incorporations

Owner managers have increasingly chosen to operate their businesses through the company medium in recent years as some regulation has reduced for the smaller company and because it is more conducive to minimising personal tax and National Insurance liabilities. Various reliefs exist for those who start as an unincorporated business who wish to transfer into […]

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